Life’s too short

One of the cool things that’s come out of this whole ordeal is hearing from people drawing strength from Mom’s courageous fight.  I’ve gotten some cool email through this process, and one that really stuck out to me came from my cousin and Mom’s nephew, Keith Hinds.  I’m going to share the email below with everyone:

Hi Todd:
Since Dad’s illness and even more so since your mom’s, I’ve recommitted myself to getting back in shape and living a healthier lifestyle. Life’s too short to allow laziness to dominate quality of life.  As anyone who has fallen out of shape understands, getting back in shape is much harder than it was to become a couch potato.
Needless to say, Aunt Nan’s fight is far more difficult than anything I’m attempting.  On the days when the excuses to avoid the treadmill pop up, I think of her.  If she can fight every day, I sure as hell can run for thirty minutes.  The attached photo is the view from my treadmill (which coincidentally is a Livestrong brand).  When I hop on to run, I see the photo of my daughter, Addie, and my NSH sticker – my reason for getting healthy and my inspiration to do so.  Ironically, if my memory is correct, Addie and Aunt Nan share an April 19th birthday.
Todd, I wish there was more I could do or say to help all of you through this difficult journey.  We are all sending you strength, courage, and hope.  If there is ever anything any of us can do, please know we stand ready.
Take care,

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Even though it’s her birthday, today is certainly going to be a reserved day without fanfare or celebration.  Frankly it’s not much different than any other birthday I can remember for her, yet another example is her efforts to remain out of the center spotlight and allow others to shine. As we’ve seen time and time again, she’d much rather allow others to take center stage while she waits without complaint on the side.

I’ve tried to come up with something to say about mom, but fear that there’s nothing that can be said about her that we don’t already know.  There are so many adjectives I can use to describe mom; tough, strong, brave, warm, loving, smart, funny, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, selfless, positive, charitable, inspiring, amazing, etc.  None of these words individually or collectively truly describe mom.  She’s an incredible woman with the will and determination to inspire so many people, all while she’d prefer to sit quietly by the side.

What more can we say about her?  She does so much good for others both directly and indirectly.  She helps me be a better son, brother, husband and athlete  by being the person she is, which is a debt that cannot be repaid.  Her toughness continues to inspire me, and I learn something new from her every day. She hates to hear it and always blows  me off when I say it, but I’m proud of her.

I love you, mom.  Happy birthday.


Updates and more stickers

Last week wrapped up the fourth round of chemo, and it was a doozy.

In retrospect, I suppose it’s not an entire shock considering it’d been a few weeks since the last round, and the fact that she exhausted herself in Disney the week before.  None of these reasons make it any easier, but it does help to explain somewhat.

Late Thursday and continuing into Friday, mom began to “really feel human again,” (her words) and has yet again rebounded nicely.  I spoke to her again last night and she sounded great.

In the least surprising news ever,… Nan Hinds’ resiliency wins out yet again.

More sticker pictures have come in, so I’m happy to hand the floor off to some other people showing their support to mom:

From Jane Woolford:

Have not gotten a sticker yet, so we decided to have our 2 week old Grandson Camden help us show Nan we are there for her. But he was not having any of it.


From mom’s cousin Sid Cooley:

We are so excited to share the team spirit right here in beautiful San Diego where we are pulling for you every day! “fight like hell!”

We love you,


NSH stickers also made a couple appearances at the Red Sox home opener  at Fenway Park yesterday:


We still have stickers, so if you need some, or want some more, shoot me an email at . I have a couple more great stories to pass along this week, so I’ll be posting more in the coming days.

Thank you all again for everything you’ve done for mom,… The amazing support helps her keep going.


Disney, Chemo & More

We are back.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week and a half, but everyone was a little bit consumed with the vacation mom had dreamed about for years.

The Disney trip was truly an amazing trip for all ten of us.

Jess and I flew down last Friday morning and met Scott, Michelle, Emma, Patrick, Becca, and Sam who drove from North Carolina as well as mom and dad who drove from Daphne.  While we didn’t hit the parks Friday evening, we went out to dinner, which was just an amazing chance for the 10 of us to be together and share a meal; sadly something we hadn’t done since Jess and I were married in September.

Saturday we spent the day at Magic Kingdom.  Scott and I walked away absolutely blown away by our own technical skills and ability to deftly navigate the park avoiding crowds and lines with our iPhone apps (all kidding aside, how the hell did anyone live pre-iPhone???).  Mom made it out for most of the morning before heading back to the hotel to rest up for a while in the afternoon.  True to her spirit, she bounced right back and was ready for dinner that evening.

Sunday we hit up Hollywood Studios, where we learned that Becca is the single most fearless 8 year old of all time.  Tower of Terror?  Boring.  Space Mountain?  Ho-hum.  Aerosmith Rock and Roller Coaster? Yawn.  NOTHING FAZED THAT GIRL.  She absolutely had fun on everything, but she never flinched at insane roller coasters, or spooky elevator plummets.  Mom and Dad spent a little while in the morning perusing the park with the rest of the kids.

We had an absolutely incredible dinner Sunday night with the 10 of us.  Jess and I were leaving the next morning, which led to some emotional goodbyes that night.  In traditional mom-fashion, she spent the goodbyes telling ME that everything was going to be ok, and not to worry about her.

The rest of the family stayed until Thursday allowing the quads to get an incredible week with Grammie and Grampa.

I was blown away by mom.  There were moments when you knew she was dealing with some pain, but she would never let on to any of us that anything was bothering her.  Every single permutation of the “How you feelin’, mom?” question was met with the same “Oh, I’m fine, and I’m having the greatest time with my whole family here,” response.  She would NEVER let on to anyone that there was any level of pain, fatigue, or general discomfort, even at times when I’m sure masking it took everything in her power to do.

Her resiliency continues to blow people away, especially us.  This trip was an incredible opportunity to put that on display, all while allowing mom to experience her dream of the 10 of us sharing an incredible week in Disney.


Mom went back this morning for chemo, and her labs looked good enough to do a round this morning.  She spent a good chunk of the day texting her family telling them how much she loved Disney, and how much she loves us.  Ironically, she seems to be more consumed in my sore elbow than the intense treatment she’s dealing with.

Dad and her both remarked that she’s doing as well tonight as she has after any all day chemo session; though we certainly know the havoc the infusion pump has created in the past.  We’re hoping that this round goes better, but even if it doesn’t we probably won’t find out from mom that it’s not going well.


More NSH stickers are available, so if you need any, please email in to and I’ll be sure to get them out.  Also, if you put any stickers up and have a photo to share, that’s the email address as well.

Thank you all for your continued support, and there will be more posts in the days to come.