Life’s too short

One of the cool things that’s come out of this whole ordeal is hearing from people drawing strength from Mom’s courageous fight.  I’ve gotten some cool email through this process, and one that really stuck out to me came from my cousin and Mom’s nephew, Keith Hinds.  I’m going to share the email below with everyone:

Hi Todd:
Since Dad’s illness and even more so since your mom’s, I’ve recommitted myself to getting back in shape and living a healthier lifestyle. Life’s too short to allow laziness to dominate quality of life.  As anyone who has fallen out of shape understands, getting back in shape is much harder than it was to become a couch potato.
Needless to say, Aunt Nan’s fight is far more difficult than anything I’m attempting.  On the days when the excuses to avoid the treadmill pop up, I think of her.  If she can fight every day, I sure as hell can run for thirty minutes.  The attached photo is the view from my treadmill (which coincidentally is a Livestrong brand).  When I hop on to run, I see the photo of my daughter, Addie, and my NSH sticker – my reason for getting healthy and my inspiration to do so.  Ironically, if my memory is correct, Addie and Aunt Nan share an April 19th birthday.
Todd, I wish there was more I could do or say to help all of you through this difficult journey.  We are all sending you strength, courage, and hope.  If there is ever anything any of us can do, please know we stand ready.
Take care,

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