Welcome to Team Nan Hinds (Team NSH)


Welcome to the online source for all things Nan Hinds, while she begins her courageous journey through chemo.

As Nan’s support group has spread over a half dozen states, we decided it was time to bring all the updates together in one place (and while we could have done something close to this on Facebook, her youngest son still refuses to join).  With hundreds of people from Harmony ME to Daphne AL and everywhere in between, we thought this could serve as a great forum to put together updates, share anecdotes, and collect everyone in one place to celebrate all things Nan Hinds.

On the top of the page, we’ve set up our Twitter feed.  I have put Mom in charge of this, and have confidence that between both of her sons help, she will figure out how to tweet.  I’m not quite sure what we can expect from Mom’s tweets, but I know that they will be sincere, probably entertaining, and if you watch closely enough, I’m sure she’ll send some “pocket-tweets” without even realizing it.  You can all follow her on Twitter @TeamNanHinds

Also, if you’d like to contact the site, we have an email, TeamNanHinds@gmail.com .  Feel free to share pictures, videos or anything you think might be a good add to the site.

That’s it for now.  More posts to come.  Bookmark us, keep up to date, and feel free to leave comments below.  I’ll make sure Mom/Nan sees them all.


The Hinds Family, 9/4/2011

7 Responses to “Welcome to Team Nan Hinds (Team NSH) on “Welcome to Team Nan Hinds (Team NSH)”

  • If any thing goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. -Paul Bear Bryant

  • My dear Nan, I hope you are feeling better. I have been in Vermont with the Melanders-Mark, Amanda, Maggie, Annie andJohn and Amanda’s parents. We all thought about you as I told stories to them about our teaching , and all about you and your wonderful family. We are suppose to get about 10 inches of snow Thursday. Remember our snow days when we were teaching and the ice storm. Wow! Thatwas about 10 plus years ago. I am there with you and I love you. Tell Todd thank you for the web page. OI love the wedding pictures. Patty

  • Todd, I am so impressed with your website and all the love that is pouring out for your very special mom. I will be watching your additions and pulling for her from here in Florida. Another state to add to those pulling for her.

  • Dear Nan~
    I hope this message goes through-I am a complete idiot when it comes to computer stuff ( I think I am the only person in Maine NOT on Facebook!) but I am following this website and think it is so terrific!!!! Knowing all these people are behind you and praying for you every day-I am sure it is giving you much needed strength! Keep up the fight Nan!!! We love you so much and are behind you 100%!!!

    The whole Reinheimer family!!!! xxxxooooo

  • HI, I am hoping that today, your big day again, goes as well as can be expected. I am behind you as so many of us are! I have been thinking of you especially in my quiet time today……..the questions of the day for me are …..why do bad things happen to such good people? How many nonreaders has Nan Hinds or (Heinz) saved? Who stole her lifesized poster of Larry Bird? All unanswered questions . There are so many more but I only took 20 minutes. All my love and good wishes to you! Mel

  • Hi Nan,
    Was so pleased to read in my local newspaper your friends from the Bowdoinham school were rallying behind you in this difficult time of your life.I have always known you are a very special to so many people. You have touched so many lives including mine when I will always remember the lovely letter you wrote about me that I had to send to the state as a referral so that I could get a liscense to be a daycare provider.I feel very greatful for having had your boys in my daycare and allowing me to be a part of their lives and yours and Dave. Your family have always meant so much to Ed and I. You will always be in my heart and I will keep you and your family in my prayers during this difficult time. I am so proud of how the boys are handling all of this. They are getting their strenght from you Nan. You are an inspiration indeed, and I admire you and love you and your family,I will keep in touch for sure,
    God Bless, Ann Wilson

  • HI uncle Todd! I love this website so much and i know grammie (nan) would love it to! Cant wait for the NSH fun run this year! lots and lots of love emma