NSH Stickers Again


Been a few days since a post, so I figured we could take a look at some of the awesome Team NSH sticker submissions we’ve seen lately.

The first one comes in from one of mom’s longtime co-workers and friends, Dottie Timberlake:

Dear Todd,

Thanks so much for your honesty about your mom’s condition.  It brought tears but helps us friends in the process of understanding her illness.  You are doing a great job.

I have attached two photos with a sticker on our golf cart.  There is also one on the back window of our car that will be heading back to Maine soon.  Thank you for sending me the stickers.

The first photo is of our golf cart parked at the Square in The Villages.  Hundreds of carts park here throughout the day but especially in the evening when there is live entertainment.  Team NSH is at work in The Villages, Florida.

The second photo is of Dottie giving you a close up view of the NHS sticker on our golf cart.

Dottie Timberlake

Mom’s cousin Ann has brought Team NSH across the Pacific, and into Hawaii.

“TeamNSH has arrived in Maui today, and the same thoughts and prayers are coming from here! Will update pics as we travel in the next couple weeks! Love you and thinking of you and your entire family often!


A group of friends and I ran a Zombie Infested 5K obstacle course over the weekend. People were encouraged to dress up and make teams.  What better spirit to fight off the Zombie Apocalypse than with the motto of Team NSH, Fight Like Hell

Before the race:

And after the water soaked, mud covered course:

You’re damn right I finished alive.  Note the lone remaining red flag hanging from my belt.

We’ll wrap up with one from Dad:

“Here is a pic that we all in LA (Lower Alabama) got I kick out of. One Friday evening we went out for apps on an outside deck at a local restaurant, and Mom, true other spirit, had to try a raw oyster. Maybe it wasn’t her favorite southern delicacy but to her credit, she have it a try. We found it funny primarily because it shows mom as she really is.”

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