Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Even though it’s her birthday, today is certainly going to be a reserved day without fanfare or celebration.  Frankly it’s not much different than any other birthday I can remember for her, yet another example is her efforts to remain out of the center spotlight and allow others to shine. As we’ve seen time and time again, she’d much rather allow others to take center stage while she waits without complaint on the side.

I’ve tried to come up with something to say about mom, but fear that there’s nothing that can be said about her that we don’t already know.  There are so many adjectives I can use to describe mom; tough, strong, brave, warm, loving, smart, funny, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, selfless, positive, charitable, inspiring, amazing, etc.  None of these words individually or collectively truly describe mom.  She’s an incredible woman with the will and determination to inspire so many people, all while she’d prefer to sit quietly by the side.

What more can we say about her?  She does so much good for others both directly and indirectly.  She helps me be a better son, brother, husband and athlete  by being the person she is, which is a debt that cannot be repaid.  Her toughness continues to inspire me, and I learn something new from her every day. She hates to hear it and always blows  me off when I say it, but I’m proud of her.

I love you, mom.  Happy birthday.


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  • Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Aunt Nan…
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    (My gift to you is that you didn’t have to suffer through listening to me actually sing that!)


  • Happy Birthday Nan!!!

  • Beautiful picture!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love from both of us.

  • Happy Birthday, Nan. We wish you all of the best on this special beautiful day.

  • Happy Birthday! Love & Hugs

  • Happy Birthday Nan!!!