More Sticker Awesomeness

As promised earlier, I said I would put up more pictures as they came in.  Without further adieu.


From Rebecca Breton:

My NSH sticker has taken it’s place of honor on the water bottle I carry with me every day.  It’s placed right between my marathon and half marathon stickers….all three a constant reminder of the epitome of strength and determination.  The next time I am in the middle of a race and I’m up against it, I’ll think of my NSH sticker and keep going.  Fight like hell Aunt Nan <3

Uncle Dale put his up in a few locations each one reflecting the NSH logo we’ve all grown accustomed to:


Caryl Giggey put hers amongst family pictures too:

“My NSH sticker is on the refrigerator next to the pictures of my grandson!  I’m on your team for Round 3.”
Dad has one of his on his daily planner saying, “I put the sticker on my planner because it’s always with me, and she’s always with me.”
My wife was inspired by dad’s idea and affixed hers directly to her clipboard while she’s training.


I have seen first hand how much each of these pictures mean to her.  She’s genuinely overwhelmed when she sees so many people getting into this, and I’ve watched her emotion when each and every picture that comes in.

With that in mind, let’s keep them coming!  Every little bit of inspiration for her helps.  I continue to be blown away by everyone getting involved in this little experiment that’s blossomed into something more.

Thank you all for everything,


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