Chemo Round 3 Redux

Hi everyone:

On the eve of the rescheduled start of round 3 of chemo, I figured I’d get a post out.  Mom is having good days, though she’s admittedly having the occasional moment that brings a swift and painful reminder of just how nasty a disease she’s battling.  She sounds geared up and ready to take on  round 3 of chemo tomorrow, and is honestly hoping that her platelet count is high enough to get it over with.

She continues to amaze and inspire me with the way she carries herself.  Through various phone calls this weekend, she expressed so little concern, nervousness and anxiety that one could easily swap the feelings she relayed over the pending round of chemo for the feelings some of us may approach to things as insignificant as a morning run, a fantasy baseball draft or a weekly staff meeting (yes, three things that cause me daily consternation).  She’s undoubtedly effected by the rigorous treatment she’s going through, but in the words of Jimmy V,

“Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities, but it cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart and it cannot touch my soul, and those three things are going to carry on forever.”

Don't worry mom. I got Jay Bruce like I promised!!

She continues to reflect those words on a daily basis.  On one of the few days Dad is able to spend at home with her all day, she insists on sending him to get his mind off it and play a quick round of golf.  On a day when she’s so physically exhausted that she can barely keep her eyes open, she asks me if I am happy with the fantasy baseball team she drafted last night (I am).  And when we talk about the incredible family trip to Disney coming up, she’s only concerned that she’s going to cast a pall over the week, never recognizing that her being there is in reality going to make our week.

She’s an incredible lady, sickness or not. She has so many incredible attributes that I pray one day I can begin to reflect a portion of them,… sickness or not.

Better news:  The next batch of stickers have arrived, and anyone who’s requested some up to this point will have them in the mail tomorrow (if you haven’t heard from me confirming this, please resend your email to … it’s very possible to have been lost in the shuffle).

The pictures have continued to come in, and I love some of the creativity and heartfelt sincerity that people are putting into where to reflect their NSH pride.  More pictures to come out this week.

There have also been a few neat shoutouts to mom in the last few days, which I’ll be sure to post on the site in time.  Words cannot truly express our gratitude for all the love and support we continue to receive, but please trust me when I tell you how much everything means to mom.  She draws strength from the love she sees daily.  We thank you all for that.

Till tomorrow,


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