Another fantastic picture

Just wow.

This picture came in from Bob Dundas, with the LCS 4 Engineering & Configuration Management group at BIW in Bath showing their support for mom.  The picture is also being displayed on a monitor in the office lobby to bring recognition to Team NSH.

There are still more pictures that I’ll post later this week, but thought this one deserved it’s own post.  The support shown for Mom and Dad across two campuses in Bath and Alabama has been incredible. Pictures like this are why we did the stickers, and we continue to be overwhelmed by the continued support.

Michelle flew down this weekend, which has yet again helped to lift her spirits.  Mom’s been feeling well the last couple days after what was an admittedly tough week.   I had to slow her down on the phone this morning because she was absolutely shot out of a cannon jumping from topic to topic quickly without ever hitting on an answer.  It’s nice to hear that energy and spirit on the phone, and I could genuinely tell there was nothing manufactured about it just to put on a good show.

Another week without chemo, and actually no chemo straight through Disney at the end of the month.  This is the time to build some physical strength, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for this pattern to keep up.

Thank you all again for everything you do.



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