Off week

This is a bye week for mom.  No chemo till next Monday and we hope for smooth sailing.  I’m flying down to see her Friday, and am excited to spend a non-chemo weekend with her.  Her counts are all up from last week, and according to dad, her white blood cells are “squarely in the normal range.”

Mom’s fighting like hell, and is certainly holding up to her reputation as a fighter with a never say die attitude.  It hasn’t always been easy, and she’s certainly had her moments where the battle is overwhelming, but she continues to come through the other side shining.

Mom, you’re a rock star.  Everyone is proud of you and continue to be blown away by your spirit, determination and resiliency.  You have a team behind you, who are now proudly displaying their support with stickers in some awesome places.

Pictures have started in, so I’ll put a couple in the posts for a while:

From one of my closest friends, and long time Nan Hinds fan, Cogswell:

“I put the sticker next to my most prized possession at work, my Schrutebuck!”


I got a great picture today from Yasmin Sanders, who works with Dad on the LCS project:

“I proudly placed my NSH sticker on my work hard hat to show support for Nan. I am fighting through bladder cancer now with my mom and I know this is difficult. But as I have told Dave, if you feel like you are going through hell….keep going…”

Great, great quote at the end from Yasmin, and great spirit overall.  Love the support.


We’ll continue posting pictures to show just how far her network of support extends.  Keep em comin, folks,

Thank you again… your support means the world to all of us,



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  • Nan, in this fight, when push comes to shove, some biting and kicking is permitted. Fight like hell girl. I’m rootin for you.