More pictures (and keep em coming!)


I’m blown away by the awesome emails coming in showing the NSH stickers in various places.  People have taken the charge and come up with some fantastic places to show their support for mom.

I’ve put some of mine on three of the most important things I use on a daily basis:

My coffee cup,

My gym locker, and…

… the title belt I use to mock my boxing sparring partner.

Others have found creative places for the NSH patch.

Uncle Dan put his in an inspirational place:

This poster hangs in my office where I spend part of my day talking with God, and He with me.  Today, I added this sticker to this poster as a reminder to talk to God about Nan.  Not that I needed a reminder, but I figured God might like to see it.”

Bill and Mary Farrabee placed one on their car right next to a Superman logo, which I think fits perfectly for Nan

And finally, we got this picture from Lesley McMillan.  I’ll let her explain:

“I haven’t been able to check out the teamnsh site till today and I don’t have a sticker so I made one!  I had foot surgery last week I’m ready to get walking again and toss these crutches away!!  Maybe this silly photo will give your Mom a chuckle. I just want you all to know my support is 100% with teamnsh!!! I wish I could be there in person to be with your Mom but even from a distance love and prayers are being offered up and sent across the miles. She has been such an incredible support to me over these past 8+ years even though for much of that time many miles, up to half a world away, have been between us but it hasn’t changed the love I have for her. Whenever we get together the time and distance is melted away. I love her so much!  Love the site, the updates, photos and stories!”


Thank you all for the support.  Keep those pictures coming, as I know mom gets a kick out of seeing them.


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