Mom Fights Back

There’s nothing quite like getting off a difficult phone call at work to an email from dad with the subject line of:

Mom Fights Back

From Dad:

Here is Mom this morning in her Fight Like Hell shirt and her Bear Bryant houndstooth scarf. You can also see her pump in the fanny pack and the tube delivering chemo running through the neck of her shirt. This is one tough lady. -Dad

The scarf is a new addition given to her by the nurse inspired by mom’s shirt yesterday, proving  yet again that even strangers are immediately drawn to the inspiration she continues to bring so many of us.  While she continues to pretend that she couldn’t possibly inspire anyone, her influence is expanding.  This is a woman with supporters in Alabama, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Australia, and eight towns and communities in Maine.  She’s a woman who influenced the lives of children for her entire career, yet still denies the ability to inspire anyone.  This is a woman who brought various nurses (who see pain and disease for a living) to tears with her strength and determination… yet she doesn’t see anything special about what she’s doing.

Even if she doesn’t believe it, it’s true and every person reading this post besides her is nodding their head in agreement.

The infusion pump comes out tomorrow, which will officially put round 2 of chemo in the rearview mirror, and onto 10 days of well deserved chemo-freedom.


I’ve begun getting in some pictures of the NSH stickers in and on various locations.  I’ll be getting them together to create one, long running repository of the sticker images.  We’ve seen one hanging on a cubicle wall in Boston, and another stuck onto someone’s daily travel mug.  I have one of mine on the back of my Trailblazer, and another on  one of my boxing gloves (which is ironic considering how much she hates me boxing…).  I think this is going to be fun to see some of the various cities and towns, and different items these stickers are put on as a constant show of respect and support.  When you put yours up, send them over to and I’m going to put them up here.

6 Responses to “Mom Fights Back on “Mom Fights Back”

  • If ever I’ve seen a supper hero, I’ve seen one today.

  • Nan-
    I sit next to your son Todd at work and I wanted you to know what a wonderful son you have (like I need to tell you that). I also wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers- I had breast cancer in 2006 and went through extensive chemo and radiation and 5 years later I am cancer free- I will always be here for Todd- even if it’s just to talk. Take care, and think only peaceful thoughts (it is what got me through). From what I have read on this website, you are an inspiration to all.

  • Hey Nan! Sorry to hear about what you are going through. You are in our thoughts and Luke remembers you and misses you. God Bless!


  • Hi my dear friend,

    Once again, you are truly amazing and an inspiration to all. You inspired your students and “we teachers”. Didn’t I tell you that the nurses would be in awe of you next! I’m proud to be on your team. Keeping you in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
    Love you,

  • Dear Friend,
    Your shining light continues to illuminate the world. You are an incredible gal. keep up the fight! Give it all you’ve got knowing many old friends are behind you all the way….pulling for you!
    Love and hugs,

  • Dear Nan,
    The Sisterhood from Bowdoinham Community School is with YOU!! Remember how we’d funk down with Sister Sledge’s signature hit “We Are Family”? We’d send Diane Stahl racing to Mel and Karen’s end of the building to avoid our foolishness!!
    The BCS Family is pulling for you; faith, family, and friends will see you through!
    Stay Strong…..Be Tough…..Fight Like a Girl…..
    Much love,