Learning to Park

It hasn’t been the easiest weekend of all time for mom, so I figure now is the perfect time to share a funny mom story.

I’ve been wanting to find a way to get a perspective from Gram (mom’s mom) on here, and fortunately found a vehicle to do so (and yes, pun intended).  Thanks to Kim for getting and passing along this story from Gram…


When Mom was first learning to drive, she decided to practice by backing the car in and out of the garage; a good move for anyone looking to refine their driving skills.

The only problem there, is that her aim was just a little bit off.

Time after time after time.

Mom proceeded to hit the garage repeatedly in her best effort to get the family vehicle all the way inside.  Undeterred by minor body damage, or the threat of completely taking out the entire garage door opening, mom persevered through.  It took a few trips in and out of reverse before she finally successfully parked it, but she never gave up.  She triumphantly came into the house announcing that she had parked the car (though I’m guessing she chose to omit the part about almost destroying the garage).

To this day, Gram says she cringes when she hears that mom is out driving, knowing at the end of the trip she’ll probably have to pull into the garage.

All joking aside, it’s another shining example of mom’s refusal to give up, and her insistence on overcoming obstacles (or maybe driving through obstacles).


One final note to anyone who emailed for stickers:  They have been dropped in the mailbox and will go out tomorrow (Monday) morning.  Sorry for the delay, but they should be in your hands soon!



2 Responses to “Learning to Park on “Learning to Park”

  • Perfect…..Aunt Nan- keep on persisting like you did that day driving that car! 🙂 Love you! Fight Like Hell!!!

  • Love it…keep up the fight Aunt Nan! Love you!