The Guest Speaker

Occasionally, my job will bring in guest speakers for reasons that I’m still not entirely sure of.  Today happened to be one of those moments.

The speaker was certainly dynamic and enthusiastic about his topic, but he lost the room early when people arrived and we found out that one of the speakers that we’d come to see had not come, and would be replaced by this speaker.  Never the best way for anyone to have to begin a presentation.

In the name of fairness, I’ll tell you that I thought he did a fine job adressing his topic, but I know a lot of eyes glazed over when talking about IT Security and new business legislation requiring companies to protect sensitive data (legislation which we’d already sat through training on and obtained company issued certification on within the past month)

I tried my best to pay attention, but like the man-child I am with a limited attention span, I got distracted by a shiny pin on his suit lapel. I noticed shortly into his presentation that the guest speaker was wearing a Patriots MHK pin, which was the symbol that originally began the NSH sticker craze.  I really wanted to get a picture of it to post on the site, so I reached into my pocket to grab my cell phone to try to take a stealth picture.  For two reasons I’m glad I stopped myself.  First, I had the story of Scott trying to grab a stealth picture of someone but failing to turn off the flash, and blinding the subject thus removing any possibility of being stealth.  Considering I was late and wound up in the front row, I thought that might be obvious.

Secondly, he was talking about protecting yourself from online threats and identity thieves.  Pretty sure that wouldn’t have jived with his overall topic.  Considering these pretty solid individual reasons, when I added in the fact that he was ex-military, I just decided that taking a stealth picture was probably not in my best interest after all.

Of course, that’s now why we’re here.  We’re here for NSH pictures, and boy do I have some of those.  Let’s take a look at some intentionally taken, non invasive, non stealth pictures:

Mom’s cousin Ann sent in her sticker, saying:

“I placed Nan’s sticker proudly on my bulletin board at work where I can always see it. (right next to Dad’s picture who is also on the team!!).

– xx Ann”


Susie Reinheimer sent in a picture with the email subject saying,

NSH Sticker found on horse in Bowdoinham

Here’s a sticker pic for my dear Nan-give her a huge hug from me!!!
– Susie  xxoo

One of my closest friends, Craig (who is of significance for two reasons, 1. My mother could not pronounce his name – it’s Craig like Greg, and 2. He was the other half of the NSH sticker idea) put his in a place I never thought I’d see,… inside his brand new car.

In addition to a few other places around the house, I was inspired to put a sticker on my most prized possession.


Finally, Lesley McMillan sent in another picture, with another great story behind it:

I knew just where I wanted to put the first one and on Monday the driveway was clear enough for me to get out there. NSH is now located on the back window of my car above my Marine Corps sticker… entirely appropriate I think. An elite, highly trained force; who I might add have the best uniforms! 😉 … They are “first in the fight” which I would say sounds a lot like “fight like hell”… Marines never retreat, they just attack in a different direction!  Nicknamed “Teufelhunden” -“Devil Dogs”, by German soldiers, for their relentless fighting at the Battle of Belleau Wood in 1918… such tenacity and resolve also describes your Mom and my dearest friend Nan… we stand with you in this fight!! Oohrah!!!

Gotta say I had to really pay attention in the application of this sticker. I was afraid I’d accidentally put it on upside down, which would totally give the wrong message HSN… wouldn’t want anyone to think I was promoting the Home Shopping Network! 😉

Thinking of you all!!




Thank you all for your continued support.  She drinks it in, and continues to pull motivation from it.  Every picture is seen and she appreciates it more than I have words to describe.

Till next time,





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