The Banner

I. Am. Speechless.

Dad’s going to take it away from here:

Today, Mom was feeling a little low, but when I got home there was a big shipping tube propped up against the door.  In it was the 8′ banner shown in this picture.  This picture was obviously taken in front of Bowdoinham school where Mom taught for so many years and had friends and colleagues holding the banner.  Many of the colleagues are now retired, so most of the people in the photo made a special trip to show their love and support – a fact that has not escaped Mom’s ever appreciative and watchful eye.  Needless to say, this has moved both of us beyond words, and now her day is much brighter.  Also included was the attached message which includes the list of people in the picture.  Mom and I both think a big shout out on the webpage (especially since the web page is called out on the banner) is warranted.  The timing was perfect.  True friends seem to know just the right thing to do and when to do it.  These people are truly some of the best friends Mom could have.


The amazing people who put this together also sent the following note:

Surprise !

Your Bowdoinham colleagues and friends gathered at school to show you that We are on your team. We support you and think of you everyday. Sending you tons of love!

Back row L to R: Russ Banton, Karen Black, Mel Banton, Judy Banionis, Steve Howe, Diana Marc-Aurele, Doreen Young, Lance Libby, Tricia Fletcher, Luann Hunton, Kathy Curtis, Jackie Dube, Susie Reinheimer, Luana Smith(pix), Diane Stahl, Paul Burns, Mary Ann McDonald, Gail Smith

Middle Row, L to R: Lesley McMillan, Caryl Giggey, Nancy Dorr, Jean Briggs, Patty Melander, Sheila Havey,

Front Row, L to R: Sandy Petteruti, Carla Parsons, Liz Bouchard


Pretty incredible, huh?  The entire family is blown away by this.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

5 Responses to “The Banner on “The Banner”

  • What wonderful people….just awesome!!! We love you Aunt Nan!!!

  • A-Mazing!!!

    Do I spy with my little eye a “Fight Like Hell” shirt in the crowd??! What a great group of people!

  • This is so awesome, what a wonderful group of people.

  • I know how much that banner ment to Nan. What was wonderful.

  • I was overjoyed to be a member of this photo op.; props to Caryl for including me in this moment and for giving me an “NSH” sticker! It is proudly displayed on my father’s boat on Mt. Desert Island! As soon as this picture was taken, Susie noticed a bald eagle soaring overhead to which she exclaimed, “Oh, look, an eagle; I just know that Nan is going to get better!” Diane noticed shortly thereafter that a half dozen eagles were circling above the school–directly over Nan’s old Reading Recovery Room!!!?!!! Pretty powerful stuff!!! We took it as a sign of Nan’s power and strength to persevere. Keep on keepin’ on, Nan; we send the power of prayer and strength for healing your way every day!! All my love and support, Sheila