Chemo round 3 and other notes

Greetings from (finally) sunny and warm Alabama.

Today was supposed to begin another round f chemo, and mom and I went to the hospital fully prepared to tackle round #3.

Unfortunately, mom’s platelet count had other ideas.  In order to administer the chemo, her count had to be in excess of 100, but she came in a little too low, so they called chemo off.

Mom pressed the doctor if he had any idea for the reason behind the drop in platelet’s, to which he replied with a good natured chuckle.

“Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.  You’re on an incredibly intense dose of chemo, which can cause a couple of side effects.”

I was captivated while listening to Dr. Cameron explain different stats, readings, and medical jargon today.  He noted that he put mom on an incredibly vigorous round of chemo, one which he rarely uses on any patient.  He clearly saw the fight and the will inside of her and told us, “I decided to try this round of chemo on you, because you’re a marathoner* and I think you’ll be able to fight through it better than a lot.”

(*- OK, so Mom’s not quite a marathoner, but we’ve made an important family level decision to not try to correct the oncologist if he wants to comment on how tough he thinks mom is.  And let’s be honest,… even though she’s never run 26.2 miles, does anyone here think she couldn’t if she wanted to??)

With the low platelet’s throwing a wrench into the plans, we went home with mixed feelings.  Mom hates this chemo and was somewhat glad to avoid it today, but she had also geared herself up for the fight.  She was fully prepped for a battle which never came to fruition, and I think anyone can understand the sense of mixed blessings.

Mom and Dad got together tonight for their ritual with 8 new cards waiting in the mailbox to open and read together.  I took a stealth picture of the ritual tonight, and if a regular picture is worth a thousand words, this is worth the dictionary:


A couple notes before I sign off:

I know a lot of folks have emailed me with stickers, pictures or just generally supportive messages.  First of all, THANK YOU!  Secondly, I do apologize for not responding, but I’ve been spending as much time with mom this week as possible.  I will be getting to everything in the next few days.

We’ve blown through 150 stickers so far, so another order has been happily placed to make sure we get NSH out everywhere we can.  I’ll be sending out another batch when the order is in, so stay patient with me while we wait for another round.

Along those lines, there will be another post of pictures in cool places, so please don’t think they’re being ignored.

Thank you all again by the continued outpouring of support.  I’ve witnessed first hand how much an email, sticker or card means to her.  She continues to feed off the positive energy we see constantly, and we continue to need all the help we can get there.

Till tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Chemo round 3 and other notes on “Chemo round 3 and other notes”

  • Todd…thank you so much for posting this picture. I love seeing Aunt Nan sitting peacefully with that ever so slight smile on her face! Beautiful!!!!

  • Todd tell Aunt Nan that should she ever decide to tackle that 26.2 (and I KNOW she could) I will come out of Marathon retirement and run it with her…happily <3

  • Just came on, after talking with your Grandmother, Todd ~ she asked if I had known about this website you had created? Not sure this is how to go about leaving comment (as just lost my first one)!!!! :/ I know…. I know!!!! Anyhow, despite my lack of computer skills, I think this is an amazing idea to keep us all connected and up-to-date on your Mom’s progress… So inspired by her courage and FIGHT and know that you, Scott and your families are BIG motives for her determination to win this battle!!! Praying she will soon have the worst behind her and can look forward to a healthy future……. BIG (((HUGS))) and much love being sent your Mom’s way…….. and please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do!!!!!!

  • Beautiful picture! It really does say it all. Thanks for the awesome sleuth work Todd. My thoughts and prayers are with you , Nan, as you start your next round. Love you very much! xxx. Ann