Hot Dogs & Rocky

After a long day of chemo, how would you spend your evening?

Well, if you’re Nan, the answer is simple:

A Hot Dog & Chips.  Too bad it wasn’t a red hot dog because we all know those are her favorite.

While she’s definitely hurting some, Monday’s dinner selection would seem to indicate that the debilitating nausea from round 1 has subsided to an extent.  Dad has relayed that the doctors and nurses at both Thomas Hospital and University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute are blown away by her response thus far, specifically her white blood cell count for someone going through chemo.  Nan Hinds refuses to stay down long.

Mom’s refusal to stay down on the mat has me thinking boxing movies right now.  And while most of you probably rightfully skipped out on seeing the most recent permutation of Rocky, in Rocky Balboa, I was reminded of one specific speech in the movie that may have made by $9.50 worth it.  (Feel free to skip to the 1:00 mark)

2 Responses to “Hot Dogs & Rocky on “Hot Dogs & Rocky”

  • Great Job Todd. You make your mom proud. Keep up the good work and we will all someday look back at this and give your mom, and God, all the credit for making it through these trying times. And I know she will.

  • Nan is certainly an inspiration I know, as we did everything together for the first 18 years of our lives. I wasn’t sure why I always think of her when I cook a hot dog. Now I know. Love this website…Awesome job! Thanks for putting this out there to all of us on team NSH. The winning team!! Love you Nan